Our Services

Our company’s mission statement is to ‘provide the highest quality maintenance service to our clients’ the foundation of which is very simple – it’s all about trust, integrity and competence. We serve commercial and domestic clients across the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire areas on a daily basis as well as working with the area’s leading estate agents and property management services.

Property maintenance services for both residential and commercial clients.

Local handyman

Our local handyman service is aimed at the domestic and commercial market and is highly popular due to our fast response times and competitive rates…again no hidden costs, what is quoted is what is charged.

Plumbers (Domestic & Commercial)

Our plumbers are available on demand due to the nature of their business…we work closely with insurance companies for the unavoidable accidents that occur and endeavour to assist within the hour for emergencies. We also offer a commercial service for clients with businesses large or small – mainly shops and offices, as well as bars, cafes and restaurants.

Electricians (Domestic & Commercial)

We offer a broad range of electrical services for both domestic and commercial clients – anything from loose connections to a full re-wire. As approved contractors our electricians offer peace of mind for our clients. We also offer a commercial service for work involving all kinds of repairs as well as installations of a variety of appliances and fittings. A service of inspecting and testing is also available to ensure all facilities and equipment is safe to standard as required for insurance purposes.

Painters & decorators

Our decorators are exceptional artists and we are proud to have a mix of male and female contractors that deliver the highest levels of quality for the perfect finish every time, available  for residential or commercial – we guarantee a high quality service. 

Building projects